"The Actress, the Witch and the Amazon" will be published on Amazon on 18th August 2016.

The final book in the series, "The Wizard and the Amazon", will be published on 31st May 2017.

There was going to be just one more book in the Amazons' series, but it has proved to be longer than expected so there will now be two of them. "The Actress, the Witch and the Amazon" will be published in August 2016, and "The Wizard and the Amazon" in 2017.

Then I'm having a rest.  :)

My next book will be out on Christmas Day (2015). It's a departure from the Amazons series; it's my first book which isn't either fantasy or horror (although there are elements of horror and quest fantasy in it). Full details, including the cover and the first few chapters, will be available later this week. In the meantime, the last Amazons book, "Wizards and Amazons", will be out in late Spring 2016.

Warlocks and Amazons is due to be published on Amazon on 28th June. It's available for pre-order before then.

It's the fourth book in the humorous fantasy "Amazons" series, and features not only Halfshaft but also the return of Rod and Takina.

The final book in the series will be published some time between December 2015 and Spring 2016, depending on how long of a break I take between books. It will be called "The Wizard and the Amazon", and there's no prizes for guessing to which characters the title refers.

I'm going to miss writing about them when it's all over. I've rather got attached to the characters over the years. But there's only so long that anyone can run like buggery, even when they're fictional, and it strikes me that they deserve a rest by now.

I've not made a final decision what I will be writing after the last of the Amazons books is finished. It my be more humorous horror, or I may do a spin-off series from the Amazon books, based on one of the minor characters. Either way, the plan is to continue writing two books every year or so, until my Muse goes off in a huff and won't talk to me any more (not that there haven't already been periods where she's been a bit quiet and sulky, and not returned my metaphorical phone-calls).

For those of you who have previously bought my e-books; thank you very much, it really is appreciated. As I've said elsewhere on this site, you're welcome to send a friend request to my "Jonathan Pidduck - Writer" page, either to find out when the next book is out or for a general chat about life, the universe and everything.

For those of you who have not yet bought my books but are thinking of doing so, all I can say is that there is not another book series in the world in which the phrase "run like buggery" is used quite so liberally, which to my mind is a very good reason to give them a try.

Either way, thanks for reading this blog. It's good to have the time to write it, now I'm temporarilybetween books!

Warlocks and Amazons is nearly complete now. It will be published only on Amazon for the time being. The publication date is now 28th June 2015, and it's already available there for pre-order (for the princely sum of 99p) .

My next e-book will be out towards the middle of 2015. It's back to the Amazons series, featuring Halfshaft, Rod, Takina etc.

UPDATE: "Warlocks and Amazons" is due to be published on Amazon on 27th June 2015.

I've just passed the 40,000 mark for downloads of my e-books. Back of the net!

The next e-book, "Defunct: Memoirs of a Gentleman Zombie", has now been published on Amazon and elsewhere. It is a humorous tale of a man who was not quite as dead as anticipated when they buried him.

"The Craving" will be published on Amazon on 8th June 2014. It's about two female serial killers. One of them falls in love with an intended victim, and is determined to save him. The other one wants him dead.  It's rather more graphic than the previous books, in every sense! I'm aiming to put the first few chapters on here in May.



I've just started work on the latest book (1st January 2014), which should be out in about May 2014. Back to horror, this time. It has sex, violence, all-consuming addiction, and the occasional use of handcuffs (which seems to be something of a common theme for my horror books!). No custard creams this time, though....


I'm now on Twitter (it had to happen sooner or later!). My tag is @j_pidduck

 "The Halfshaft Games" was published on Amazon on 21st  September 2013.

My next book, "The Halfshaft Games", is the third in the "Slave-Girls and Amazons" series. I'm aiming to publish it on Amazon in or about September 2013. No prizes for guessing the main character... 

"The Last of the Neanderthals", the third and final part of "The Wedding Feast" trilogy, is due to be published as an e-book on Amazon on 10th March 2013.

All three books in the series will also be published in one volume as "The Wedding Feast Trilogy" shortly afterwards.

"The Wedding Feast" is now available in paperback from Amazon (£5.99/$6.89). The other titles will follow shortly. Watch this space.....

"Cave-Trolls and Amazons" (the sequel to "Slave-Girls and Amazons") was published on Amazon on 9th November 2012.


The opening chapters can be found on this website.


I'll be starting work soon on the third book in the Amazon series, which should be due for publication in about Spring 2013, following which I'll be writing the third and final book in the "Wedding Feast" series.


All reviews very gratefully accepted. And please feel free to get in touch through my "Jonathan Pidduck-writer" Facebook page.





"Tethered" - the e-book sequel to "The Wedding Feast" - was published on Amazon in August 2012. I may well publish it on other sites later in the year.


I have now started work on the sequel to "Slave-Girls and Amazons". It should be ready in about Spring 2013. After that, I plan to write the concluding book in "The Wedding Feast" series, following which I have a vampire book planned (which will, of course, be a black comedy including my usual themes of insecurity and bondage!)


If you would like to know when these books are published, please feel free to send me a friend request on my Facebook "Jonathan Pidduck -writer" page, and I'll email you when they're ready for publication.


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